Personal Genome Project UK

The Personal Genome Project UK is dedicated to creating public UK genome, health, and trait data. Sharing data is critical to scientific progress, but has been hampered by traditional research practices—our approach is to invite willing participants to publicly share their personal data for the greater good.

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Why participate?

Donating your genome and health data to science is a great way to enable advances in understanding human genetics, biology, and health. We seek volunteers willing to donate diverse personal information to become a public resource.

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Open Data

Open data is a critical component of the scientific method, but genomes are both identifiable and predictive. As a result, many studies choose to withhold data from participants and restrict access to researchers. The PGP-UK's public data is a common ground to collaborate and improve knowledge about genomes.

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Global Network

The pilot group for the Personal Genome Project has been based at Harvard, but we are a global group, with projects starting around the world.

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